We are committed to providing individuals from underrepresented backgrounds with the knowledge needed to pursue a career in accountancy.

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New Gen Accountants (NGA) launched in November 2018 when a group of forward-thinking accountants were passionate about ensuring the accountancy profession accurately reflected the society we live in; including all races, classes and backgrounds.


In order to achieve this, we have set up three pillars to:

1) Pillar 1: Provide advice to school and university students considering accountancy,

2) Pillar 2: Support accounting trainees through balancing full time work and studies,

3) Pillar 3: Equip qualified accountants with the knowledge needed to progress their career.

Within just a year, NGA has become a growing non-profit organisation with more than 300 young members from diverse backgrounds. We were also featured on the front cover of the renowned Economia magazine in July 2019 sent to more than 180,000 members.


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Our Services



We host events and produce content for school/uni students, accounting trainees and qualified accountants. 

diverse SPEAKERS

We have a pool of diverse accountants who have experience in speaking at events and



We can advertise jobs to a diverse pool of accountants through our Whatsapp group and social media channels.


We provide ad hoc accounting advice to entrepreneurs. Additionally, we have experience advising firms on how to recruit and retain diverse candidates.

How YOU can support us

  • Venue: host one of our events at your organisation

  • Sponsorship: sponsor us which will enable us to hold larger and more impactful events 

  • Advertisement: advertise NGA at your school/university/organisation

  • Speakers: Speak about your career journey at one of our events

  • #MyAccountancyJourney campaign: write about your career journey to inspire students 

  • Blog: write blog content for our community

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