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Assurance Senior Associate at PwC

Sam Aluko

I believe getting the ACA will be pivotal to me having the successful career in business/finance that I crave. Having come from a Science background, doing the ACA at a big 4 will increase my credibility in the Financial Sector.

I am supporting NGA because the ACA is a world class business qualification that is recognised worldwide. The fact that the qualification allows an individual to be seen as a credible business person by senior managers, bank loan credit risk departments and society in general needs to be highlighted more.

Junior Accountant at A&S Limited

Rokib Mahmoud

I studied accounting and finance with French at the university of Hertfordshire.


While I was on a property management graduate scheme after uni where I developed valuable skills, my mentor who is the CFO of the company made me realise that I needed to show ambition and chase my goal. The regular meetings that we had were really helpful and his motivational words made me realise that I needed to pursue a career in something that I enjoy doing which for me is a role within accounting or finance. Not long after I found an accounting position with ACCA. I chose ACCA firstly because I’d like to become a chartered certified accountant and secondly because of the better employment prospects in all sectors as it’s designed to develop key accounting knowledge, skills and professional values within finance or management accounting. Furthermore, it’s recognised around the world and I’m opened to work anywhere in the world that has the right opportunity for me.


I am supporting NGA because it is a community of accountants and upcoming accountants who are dedicated to provide advice and assistance to those who would like to pursue a career in accounting.

Assurance Manager at EY

Amanda Cheema

After completing my A-levels in Maths, Economics and Business Studies I decided not to go to university. Instead I joined EY on a 5 year school leaver scheme. This allowed me to work and study for the ACA qualification with ICAEW simultaneously. After completing the 5 years, I have been offered a position as a manager in the department. 

I want to support anyone  thinking about going down the accountancy route/already on the accountancy route as the journey isn’t always easy; balancing life, work commitments and revision can be tough but it’s definitely doable and a rewarding career. 

Additionally, for anyone not taking the traditional university route, this can be nerve wrecking especially as you make this decision at 17/18 years old. Offering my advice on this will hopefully help anyone that is in two minds.

Corporate Development Associate at Shawbrook Bank

Onyekachukwu Obi

My name is Onyekachukwu Obi and I’m a Corporate Development Associate at Shawbrook Bank. Essentially, I help the Bank identify, price and value assets and other banks to acquire. I’ve always wanted to work in a bank as a kid as I read way too many Micheal Lewis books. 

I studied Mathematics at Loughborough University because I really wanted to know whose idea it was that 1+1 = 2

I’m helping support NGA as there is a massive understanding gap between what it means to be a Chartered Accountant and what most people think of it. I’m here to close that gap because being an accountant, you can be so much more than you may have considered.

Transaction Services Senior Associate at PwC

Alice Olafare

I studied Finance, Accounting & Management at the university of Nottingham. My route into transaction services started with an summer internship in assurance. After my placement was finished I decided that I wanted to transfer into transaction services and so applied for the Deals spilt scheme with the Assurance practice at PwC. During my split scheme I was able to learn the fundamentals behind how a business is ran financially and the the technicalities behind corporate M&A transactions.


I am supporting the NGA as I am passionate about diversity within the corporate world. With so many different backgrounds and cultures informing the decisions we make there is an opportunity to learn from one another and produce a more effective service and answers to the every changing market.

I want those who didn’t see themselves as being capable of “breaking into” the financial world to be inspired not only to work hard, but actually have the opportunity to engage with those already working within the industry.

Reporting Manager at Informa

Sohan Sooral

My name is Sohan Sooral and I'm the Reporting Manager for the K&N Division of Informa. I manage the design and production of all internal reporting on the K&N Division whether that’s to the senior executives, the group function or the board.

I studied Economics and Management at Aston University and began my career in a graduate scheme at easyJet. I started my CIMA qualification there whilst working in Direct Cost Accounting and FP&A on rotations. I wanted to study CIMA because it was more commercially focused; I preferred the idea of working in business and had early aspirations to be a CFO.

I wanted to work with NGA to share my knowledge and experience which will hopefully help make things easier for you. CIMA is globally recognised, and more so recently since the mutual recognition deal with CPA. It’s also a very broad qualification which gives you a lot of career flexibility and makes it a great option.

Fund Accountant at Ipes

Michael Bonsu

At present I am a fund accountant working for a Private Equity fund administration firm in the square mile. So basically I am an outsourced accountant who works on private equity funds in the private sector rather than your standard company or so.

I studied Accounting and Finance at university having fallen into it via clearing at university. Ask me one day if you see me and I’ll tell you a story that’s either an act of God or sheer luck, you decide. I had no clue I was going to be an accountant but looking back I can't think of anything else that I could have studied that would have suited me.

I’ve had numerous jobs since I left university unlike many who tend to stay in one company and complete their studies. My story has seen me move from a small estate agents in Islington to a healthcare group in Wembley to roles in the city of London. I’ve worked in small teams of 4 to a team of 16 to having a third of a whole room full of fellow junior fund accountants all of whom were like me studying and looking at progressing to the next role with an almost feverish determination.

I support NGA because I know the power of networking. I am a beneficiary of receiving support and getting to know people. My current job was almost presented to me on a stick (I still had to interview etc.) in that someone I know recommended me for the job when the time came. It would be my pleasure to offer whatever advice or support I can give.   

Treasury Analyst at Barclays

Ryan Makuku

As a child, I loved collecting, counting and trading marbles; so much so, that my collection grew far out of control! But without even noticing, I was actually exhibiting the innate skills of your traditional "businessman". However at that age, entering the profession seemed like a far-fetched idea. But little did I know it would very soon become a reality. Following on from an EY internship at the tender age of 16, I knew a career in the City was what I wanted.

I am now living that reality as a Treasury Analyst at Barclays within their Capital and Leverage Management team, and I am currently training towards the ACA qualification. I also co-chair the ACCA's newly-formed Emerging Talent Advisory Group where we seek to develop solutions to create a pipeline of talented students for employers.

NGA's mission is simple; change the perception surrounding the profession whilst providing a platform for students to enter. I was very much on the other side of this narrative growing up. However, now that I have a seat at the table, I hope to support NGA in their efforts to ensure everyone can get a seat at the table.

Audit Associate at Grant Thornton

Vincent Egunlae

I studied Politics at university before going on to complete an MSc in International Business. I am currently studying for the ACA as an auditor at Grant Thornton.

Becoming a Chartered Accountant will prove auspicious because the accountancy profession is a globally revered qualification, evidenced by the number of past and present accountants recognised as leaders in distinguished fields. Adding that value to my name will give me credibility and open doors.

I support the NGA because it is important to provide support and information to future and current accountants at every stage of their career in order to make informed decisions.

Risk and Controls Assurance Senior Associate at PwC

Yousra Abdelmoneim

As part of my role I deliver internal audit reviews for local and central government, commercial, property and media audit clients including ad hoc reviews in response to emerging risk areas. I manage the day to day client relationships, supervise work of junior staff members and deliver to clients and help to grow the internal audit business by working alongside our leadership team on proposals and new opportunities. I also build my network of contacts by leading the One Young World Network at PwC and being a PwC media spokesperson.


Working in internal audit is exciting as there is a changing risk landscape which means organisations are facing new and unfamiliar challenges. So internal audit has emerged as a key means of giving Boards the confidence to deal with the demands of a dynamic marketplace. I used to work within PwC's Banking and Capital Markets external audit assurance department for three years and transferred a year ago in order to experience working with a different range of clients. 


I studied BSc Economics at the University of Sussex and did a placement year at PwC as part of my degree programme. I did half of the ACA exams during my placement year alone! So I knew I wanted to come back once I graduated to complete the ACA and become a chartered accountant. I knew PwC was the place for me to continue pursuing the ACA as I was working with large banking clients such as BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Macquarie Bank, which aided my understanding of  some of the content I was covering as part of my studies. 


I am currently pursuing and studying towards the CIA qualification to expand the scope of my Internal Audit knowledge and skills.


I support NGA because I'd like to help and mentor those who are interested in pursuing a career in accountancy and become chartered accountants. I'd also like to change some of the misconceptions that people have about the accountancy profession and make them aware of the opportunities that are available to them once they become chartered accountants. 

Senior Consultant at PwC

Monique Malcolm-Hay

After studying Business and Management at Aston University, I went on to start a graduate scheme at PwC where I completed the ACA qualification in order to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.


I wanted to study the ACA because it's a globally recognised qualification and as a result, it allowed me to complete an overseas secondment to the PwC office in Dubai. 


I decided to create New Gen Accountants because I believe that although pursuing accountancy can be challenging, it is definitely worthwhile and provides a wide range of opportunities such as being able to work with interesting clients, become a contractor or explore life as an expat abroad, therefore those who are opting to do it should be supported.

Financial Accountant at Brookfield Properties

Dami Odele

I audit the financial statements of mainly Top Tier investment banks covering everything from equity products to derivatives.


I studied Economics and Management at Aston University so going into banking was a natural fit. Deciding to study towards an ACA qualification was a challenge which I knew would pay a high reward. I liked the idea of having the skill and independence to do my own accounting if I were to become a business owner in future. 


I support the NGA not only to provide mentorship during the ACA but also to provide support post-qualifying. I didn’t know what to expect after the ACA but I have learnt a lot and I am here to share those lessons.

Business Recovery at PwC

Sahil Aggarwal

I did not attend university as in my opinion it appeared to be more beneficial to learn directly at work. I went into railway initially for just under a year on an apprenticeship before joining PwC on the higher apprenticeship scheme.

I work in the insolvency practice which involves providing services primarily when a company enters administration/liquidation. This involves realising the company's assets, liaising with various clients and stakeholders and making distributions to creditors. I applied to numerous training schemes in the City including oil trading, investment banking and the rest of the Big 4 before obtaining an offer from PwC where I completed my training contract.

I am supporting NGA because everyone should be aware of the opportunities out there no matter their background.

Market Risk Project Manager at Mitsui Bussan Commodities

Adu Hassan

I have a MSci in Physics and ended up working in Fintech for commodity traders. I currently work as a Market Risk Project Manager for a commodity trading brokerage called Mitsui Bussan Commodities, where I specialise in delivery technology enabled projects in Market Risk. I am not an Accountant, but funnily enough my mother is an ACCA accredited Accountant and I have previously worked for two of the “Big 4” in EY and PwC as a commodity trading technology specialist.


Even though I am not an Accountant I wanted to support New Gen Accountants due to the fact I got to know many Accountants during my time at the “Big 4” and also due to the fact that I feel the mission they carry out is something I want to get involve in i.e. promoting BAME into accountancy. The field I work is I feel also lacking diversity and I would like to address that as well as help BAME students into accountancy.  

Financial Controller at Habito

Aaron Townsend

I manage the day to day finances for the company which includes accounting, cash flow management, budgeting/forecasting and financial planning and analysis.


I studied Biomedical Sciences at The University of Manchester because I really enjoyed/enjoy science. I'm a part of NGA because there is a misconception of what a qualification in chartered accountancy allows you to become and how ultimately it can change the entire direction of your life.

Executive Director at Goldman Sachs

Mary Mosope-Adeyemi

I am an experienced risk manager with over 12 years’ experience supporting organisations in the responsible / risk focused deployment of financial capital across a number of sectors & regions. Over the last few months, I have been doing this at Goldman Sachs as an Executive Director within their Credit Risk Management division. Prior to this, I worked with Bank of America Merrill Lynch for over 10yrs.


Alongside a busy corporate career, I champion social causes that matter to me in particular, the empowerment of women and ethnic minorities. I serve on various steering committees and co-chair the Alumni Advisory Board of SEO London. I am also the founder of viSHEbility, a social initiative that spotlights the marketplace successes and struggles of women of black ethnicity in order to encourage, educate and empower other women just like them.


In 2017, I was awarded a We Are The City Rising Stars in Banking Award for leadership, excellence and high value add in my field and also for my role in creating opportunities for diverse candidates in my various spheres of influence.


I hold a 1st class BA in Accounting & Finance from Lancaster University, an MSc in Management from Imperial College and I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with the ACCA.

Associate at Downing Ventures

Michael Tefula

At Downing Ventures, I help my team source and invest in the best tech startups in the UK. Prior to this, I completed an MBA at the University of Oxford and during this period I worked at the Oxford Seed Fund. I am also a published author and hobbyist coder.

Valuation Surveyor at Deloitte

Audrey Vanderpuye

I am a Chartered Surveyor in the Valuation Assurance and Professional Advisory team at Deloitte Real Estate.

Upon graduation from Imperial College, I secured a Finance graduate training programme with Lend Lease. Whilst there, I trained and qualified to become a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and thereafter, worked as a Chartered Management Accountant in a range of industry sectors including banking, private equity and property & leisure. In 2015, I embarked on a career change to Real Estate and joined Deloitte Real Estate. I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in November 2017 and now provide advice to local authorities, banks and private individuals on a range of commercial and residential property matters.

Assistant Vice President at Barclays

Louise Kibirige

I am an Assistant Vice President in the Regulatory Development function for Barclays
Corporate Bank. The team is responsible for scanning the global regulatory horizon and
assessing the impact on the Corporate Bank Product offering.

I qualified as a chartered accountant in 2015 and previously worked as a regulatory risk
consultant and external auditor.
Alongside my work, I support Barclays Diversity and Inclusion strategy as an active
member of the Black Professionals Forum. In 2018, I designed and delivered a showcase,
telling a story of black history through music and dance.

I am also a supporter of the social mobility charity SEO London. SEO helps students from
minority backgrounds secure internships and employment, in professions where they are

Corporate Finance at PwC

Joel Ntamirira

I am an Associate within PwC's Corporate Finance practice in London, where I help to originate and execute M&A transactions in the Business Services sector. At PwC I am also a member of the Multicultural Business Network and the Diversity Mentoring Scheme. I am currently studying towards the ACA qualification and have passed 12/15 exams thus far.  


Prior to joining PwC, I studied BSc Finance at Aston University where I graduated with the highest honours and interned at M&G Investments with the Global Themes Fund.

Corporate Finance at PwC

Aisha Chipampe

I work in the Corporate Finance M&A department at PwC in Leeds. We essentially provide independent financial advice to corporates and institutional investors seeking to buy or sell businesses, raise finance or improve funding efficiency on the balance sheet.


Having studied Economics at Liverpool University, I knew I wanted to go into a career in Business / Finance so I decided to get the ACA as this allowed me to gain vital skills and a fantastic qualification that would allow me to pursue various career options without being tied down to just one!


I really support the NGA because it needs to be highlighted that an accounting qualification can take you so many places worldwide and be a support system to anyone considering pursuing the qualification.

Assurance Manager at EY

Arnab Datta

I was interested in accountancy as a career since I thought it would give a real insight into how companies work. It was an added bonus when I discovered that it is one of the professions that are able to certify passport photos!


After studying Economics and Economic History at LSE, I trained to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant at a Big 4 firm, which helped me to develop a range of technical and soft skills. Also, I had opportunities for interesting secondments including Forensic Accounting and as Assistant to the Chief Economist.


I subsequently moved to EY where I manage audits of UK and international companies in the technology and media sectors. This has involved working with different clients and colleagues in countries including USA, Norway, South Africa, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong. I have assisted with transaction related work for companies involved in acquisitions. Also, I enjoy taking part in other activities such as recruitment, mentoring, facilitating training courses and business development.


Diversity is very important for accountancy, especially in this ever-changing business landscape. I hope to contribute to NGA by passing on my knowledge and experience to others and dispelling some of the myths about this profession.

Accountant at a local practice

Jhelisa Mattis

Initially being torn between textiles or accountancy as my career path after college, I chose to take the apprenticeship route in accountancy after being accepted at various universities prior with the aim of becoming a chartered accountant. I wanted to be a part of this ever-growing network because it opens doors to worldwide opportunities and provided the career progression I was looking for.


Upon completing my AAT as an apprentice, I am currently working as an accountant in a local practice whilst completing my last professional exams for ACCA focusing mainly on sole trader accounts, VAT returns and assisting with audits.

I support NGA because I feel it is important to be a part of a network that highlights real life successes and challenges for BAME candidates and focuses on bringing about change where diversity and inequalities are concerned. I am passionate about being able to use my knowledge and skills to encourage people to make smarter financial and strategic decisions as well as help those find their chosen career paths and this is something in which NGA both focus and excel on, connecting people from all over the world.

Audit Senior at EY, Wealth and Asset Management (FS)

Emma Black

Having completed a degree in Biology, I wanted to develop my analytical skills and delve into my passion for business. I chose accountancy because I wanted to embark on a career that can provide me with various opportunities to develop and grow as a professional and as an individual. Obtaining the ICAS qualification will provide me with various role options, across various sectors and countries.

I am an Audit Senior at EY, specialising in Wealth and Asset Management clients in the Financial Services office. I am currently in the final stages of my ICAS qualification.

I support NGA as I would like to see better representation of BAME individuals within the accountancy sector. In addition, having a community that allows for cross networking (from sixth form students up to experienced professionals) is beneficial for all members of it.