June 2020

Hello all, welcome to our new monthly newsletter straight to your inbox. We hope that you have kept safe and well since our April addition. As the lockdown is slowly eased we wish you all the best going forward - please stay safe!

#BlackLivesMatter We are devastated by the racism happening around the world which has resulted in numerous fatalities including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery. As NGA's team is majority black and we have created a community of diverse accountants from all races, classes and backgrounds, racism goes against everything we stand for. We have collated a list of wellbeing resources to support you during this time and have shared tips on what everyone can do to help.

Wellbeing tips: 1. Reach out to the NGA team if you would like support 2. Join the NGA WhatsApp group (contact us via www.newgenaccountants.com to join) 3. Take a social media break 4. Speak to a therapist - we have many available to help in our network

What everyone can do to support: 1. Visibly show your support for #BlackLivesMatter 2. Get involved in your company’s Black or BAME employee resource network 3. Register for NGA's Changemakers programme to find out how you can make change in your company (see more below) #BlackLivesMatter

Check out our latest NGA updates below and let us know if you would like to get involved in any of our initiatives.


COVID-19 Since our last newsletter we have continued to adapt to life in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this new normal, on 6 May 2020 Monique, Aisha and Obi launched our new weekly Instagram Live series, #NGAQuarantineTalks. The series shares insights from accountants around the world. As we have over 130 participants in our WhatsApp group, with many who are aspiring CFOs, our first live was with Professor of Financial Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School, Alan Jagolinzer. Professor Jagolinzer discussed ways in which accountants can enhance their skillsets to map their journey to becoming CFO. You can find a recap here. We have also been interviewing various other individuals working in the accountancy profession, you can find out more from our Instagram page @newgenaccountants.

New Team Member We are excited to welcome Ellice to the NGA team as the new newsletter editor!

PILLAR 1 UPDATE: Prospective Accounting Qualification Students

World Cultural Diversity Day - Kaplan Event On World Cultural Diversity Day on 21 May, Kaplan invited Monique to be a guest speaker on their webinar to discuss how businesses and individuals can take responsibility to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Monique was joined by a panel of amazing speakers including Nolly Maseko, Abigail Aston and Nina Manku, and the webinar attracted more than 250 attendees, many of whom were HR professionals. Look out for more collaborations between NGA and Kaplan going forward!

PILLAR 2 UPDATE: Accounting Qualification Students

Why Am I So Stressed? - Event The event took place on 28 May and was attended by 30+ participants. During the event we heard from three speakers:

  • Paris Capleton a therapist and coach in the NHS, who took the group through strategies of understanding and managing stress and anxiety

  • Umar Kankiya a mental health lawyer, who shared his journey of working in the profession and his own experience of mental health

  • Ryan Makuku a Treasury Analyst at Barclays and studying for his ACA, who shared his background and initial struggles with his exams and how he overcame them

Following the speeches there was a Q&A held afterwards which lasted just over 30 minutes. We then conducted a poll to ascertain if there should be a part two and the vast majority highlighted that they would like for this to happen again. NGA Member Survey Since our last newsletter, we have increased our social media presence and surpassed 1000 followers on our Instagram page! In addition to this, we conducted a member survey where we engaged with our members through our social media. Following our survey, we have found that we have members ranging from age 19-43 years old across 6 accounting bodies. We also have international members from countries such as India, Nigeria and Jamaica.

PILLAR 3 UPDATE: Qualified Accountants

New Gen Accountants' Changemakers Programme

We are excited to announce the launch of New Gen Accountants' Changemakers Programme. In light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests and the push for racial equality at work, we have put together a programme that can help individuals make real change in their organisations. This programme will include access to:

  • Educational resources to share with your company about racism

  • Information on how to set up a Black or BAME network in your organisation

  • Template emails to send to senior leadership to help initiate discussions about new initiatives that help achieve racial equality

  • Company training resources

If you are interested, please register here.

ICAEW Lifelong Webinar Monique was invited to speak on ICAEW's importance of lifelong learning webinar to discuss the "need to own your skills in a disruptive world". This was an interactive session which explained how the world of work is changing and what things both employers and employees can do to prepare for the future. ICAEW CEO Interview As part of the #MyAccountancyJourney Leadership Series on our Medium blog the NGA team interviewed the Chief Executive of ICAEW, Michael Izza. The interview covered his journey to become Chief Executive of ICAEW, speaking on the ways in which his job is varied and how he has adopted change within the ICAEW. The interview also touches on the politics within his role, the influence of technology and ways in which he has given back during his career. You can read the full article here.


#NGAQuarantineTalks Instagram Live Series As part of our weekly Instagram Live series, #NGAQuarantineTalks, we interviewed Jerome Fulton Jr, a Consultant, Motivational Speaker and CPA qualified accountant working and living in Miami, Florida. We had an open discussion about his challenging upbringing and discussed how he has been able to remain resilient and motivated through hardships. he also shared with us how he continues to inspire and support individuals from minority backgrounds. Jerome is truly a catalyst for change in his community and in the world! For those of you who missed this interview, you can find out more about his journey here.


Instagram Live Series Join us every Wednesday for our Instagram Live series #NGAQuarantineTalks at 8pm BST. Our next session is: When: Wednesday 24 June Time: 8pm to 8.30pm BST Where: Instagram Live @newgenaccountants

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