November 2020

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Easing of national lockdown

I’m sure you can agree, #Lockdown2.0 has been tough! We knew there would be a potential second wave, but it still has taken many of us by surprise😢. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all experienced vast changes to our daily lives. As the national lockdown is eased, please remember that the NGA community is here to support you. Whether it is directly accountancy related or for personal support, feel free to reach out to any of the team or our wider community within the WhatsApp group🤗. Additionally, CABA charity provides a wide range of free services and self-help resources. To access these, click here.


To continue the discussion surrounding social justice, this month we would like to highlight the legacy of the Reynolds family of chartered accountants. The Reynolds family were highlighted by The Voice Newspaper and ICAEW last month where they share their accountancy career journey and discuss the prejudices they encountered and overcame.

PILLAR 1 UPDATE: Become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant

The ICAEW have created an informed guide setting out how to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. This guide sets out everything you need to know in order to start training. Explaining who the ICAEW is and how the qualification works, the guide also gives useful tips for the many entry routes into the profession. To find out more, download the guide here.

AAT Business Finance Basics online courses

AAT are offering bitesize courses in Business Finance Basics taken from their flagship AAT qualification📚. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the accounting basics at your own pace online. To find out more click here.

FutureVC 2021 Internship

FutureVC will be running an internship and development programme in 2021, open to those who are able to work full-time for 8 weeks during Summer 7th June - 30th July and Autumn 6th Sept - 29th Oct. The development programme is fully remote and available globally.

Interns will be placed in a venture capital partner fund where they will have access to additional peer-support groups and training to support them in developing the skills needed to succeed in the space. Additionally, there will be weekly masterclasses hosted by highly successful figures from the European Venture Capital industry. To find out more and apply click here.

PILLAR 2 UPDATE: My ACA experience featuring Morvialee Omoyinmi, Ryan Makuku and Sithandazile Nyamusara

To celebrate Black History Month, ICAEW held a webinar and accompanying interview series called ‘My ACA experience’. We are delighted to have had 3 members of NGA featured in the series; Morvialee Omoyinmi, Ryan Makuku and Sithandazile Nyamusara👏🏾. They each discussed their career journeys and different pathways to qualifying, as well as discussing diversity, intersectionality and their advice for future accounting students. They also discussed their views on the importance of celebrating Black History Month in the UK.

Read Morvialee’s journey.

Read Ryan’s journey.

Read Sithandazile’s journey.

PILLAR 3 UPDATE: Quantico Financial’s FinOps Survey

Last month Quantico Financial conducted a survey to discover what is it really like working in finance for a start-up. They interviewed founders, experts and finance professionals to find out the problems they face in this new but growing sector. Our Co-Founder, Aaron Townsend, was delighted to take part👏🏾.

The survey found that there is a new generation of finance professionals that values variety, impact and fulfilment more than job stability and pay. Therefore, the start-up sector has allowed finance professionals to face new and complex financial challenges. The report also highlighted the need for the accountancy qualification to evolve with this increasingly attractive new route for start-up finance professionals. Read the full report here.

Using artificial intelligence to empower your business

Adext AI collated ‘7 Awesome Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence Will Empower Your Business’ discussing how widely used AI could help positively shape businesses. Though some people are still resistant to technological changes especially AI💻, AI is changing the world faster than any technology has managed to up to this point. Using AI within your business can remove inefficiency and generate huge cost savings. From customer service, to finance and HR, Adext AI lays out the ways in which AI can be used to empower businesses in the coming decade. Read the full article here.

WEBINAR: Master of Accounting – CFO Preparation with Alexi Wellman and Steve Voskuil

On 2nd December 2020, Cambridge University is hosting a Master of Accounting webinar hosted by Alexi Wellman, CFO of Altaba and former Global Controller at Yahoo, and Steve Voskuil, CFO of the Hershey Company and former CFO of Kimberley-Clark International. They will discuss how professionals might successfully navigate their careers towards a Chief Financial Officer role. This will also cover insights about the key skills needed, the volatility in todays business climate and how to engage as a CFO. To register, complete the form here.

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